The reasons for anyone to expunge their DUI would be to; avoid roadblocks to get a job; to avoid having their professional license revoked or suspended; and to better their chances of retaining their current job or being promoted to a better job. After a DUI expungement an employer may no longer be able to use it against the employee. Also, the employee has no duty or obligation to disclose to his or employer that he or she has ever been convicted of a DUI.

A person is able to expunge a California DUI as long as two elements are met, the elements are: 1. The person was placed on probation and, 2. The person has successfully completed their probation. However, you should consult with an experienced and skilled attorney first.


After a plea or a jury decision to a DUI charge, the defendant is commonly placed on probation between three to five years. A strict condition imposed by the court is that the defendant may not drive with any measurable amount of alcohol in their blood stream. Realistically, most judges will require the defendant to serve the entire period of their probation before granting a DUI expungement.

Choosing The Right Law Firm To Process Your Expungement

The state of California has implemented many tough laws and they are constantly changing, and a misdemeanor conviction may affect someone’s ability to get a job, attend school, find housing, or even get a professional license.

If you have been convicted of a misdemeanor in California, you may want to get the conviction expunged so that it is removed from your record.

At Fiumara & Milligan Law, PC our experienced and highly skilled attorneys have an exceptional success rate at having the petitions granted and we can help you with the process of getting a misdemeanor conviction expunged from your record.

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